Following are the challenges Ratishontsanonhstats will undertake this year:

  • Education, awareness, prevention and best practices; to promote awareness on how to properly dispose of wastes and the impacts and effects it will have should we continue our habits.  Information will be delivered at the elementary and high school students.
  • Regulate landfill waste/material in our community by holding a referendum to generate updated policies and by-laws  
  • Update environmental policies and by-laws
  • Sampling and testing of landfill soil on eight (8) specific pre-identified sites for possible contaminants.
  • Establish an Eco-Center to better manage our waste using the 3 Es/3Rs:
  1. Entitewaseronnente – Reduce
  2. Entsitewatste – Reuse
  3. Enttsitewaniahese – Recycle
  • Including disposal bins for dead batteries, leftover paint, cleaners, tires, lights, electronic, etc.
  • Develop and maintain a website as well as a Facebook page